BM Articles Moon Slider

This module support for content component.

This module show your articles with images and descriptions on two parts (left or right).

You can config to show image on left, right or top.
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BM Articles Moon Slider

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  • This module support responsive, it display nice on every device and every screen size.
  • You can get data from categories or from specific items.
  • This module support get images from : Intro Image, Full article image or Intro Text.
  • Module's theme: Image on left, Image on right, Image on top
  • Resize type: SCALE FILL, SCALE INSIDE, SCALE OUTSIDE, CROP, CROP RESIZE, ORIGINAL IMAGE (select this option if you don't want image was resized).
  • Timeout: seconds for change slide (if you put is 0, slider will not auto play.)

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