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BM Articles Moon Slider

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  • This module support for content component.
  • This module show your articles with images and descriptions on two parts (left or right). 
  • You can config to show image on left, right or top.

  • This module support responsive, it display nice on every device and every screen size.
  • You can get data from categories or from specific items.
  • This module support get images from : Intro Image, Full article image or Intro Text.
  • Module's theme: Image on left, Image on right, Image on top
  • Resize type: SCALE FILL, SCALE INSIDE, SCALE OUTSIDE, CROP, CROP RESIZE, ORIGINAL IMAGE (select this option if you don't want image was resized).
  • Timeout: seconds for change slide (if you put is 0, slider will not auto play.)


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